Electrical Contractor Can Design Lights You’ll Love to Live With

November 22, 2013
christmas garrett

Want great Christmas lights in your home, have an electrician put in extra outlets.

If you have decided to build a home, congratulations.  As electrical contractors, we help Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon homeowners as they build their new homes.

At Amp Electric, we love to give business owners as well as home owners ideas new ideas for improving their locations with electrical adjustments.

Here are some ideas for you to think of if you are building or remodeling a home.

  • Add an electrical outlet in the pantry. You can use small appliances in there without using valuable counter space. We’ve even seen families who put a printer in the pantry.
  • Add an electrical outlet in the desk cupboard. This way you can charge a phone or have an electric pencil sharper within the desk.
  • Add an electrical outlet under the eves so you can easily plug in Christmas lights. Be sure to have a light switch inside, then you can retro fit it to have timer later.
  • Allow for an outdoor hot tub outlet even if this will be a future investment have the plug ready.
  • 3 way light switches or lights that can be turned off in two place can be very helpful especially in open floor plans. Think about where you will be entering and leaving a room. Will you want a switch on both sides of the room?
  • Add under cabinet lighting. This is most easily done while building the home and not as a DIY later.
  • Install a trash compactor in the kitchen and a recycle drawer.
  • Add can, puck or pot lights in as many places as possible. Vancouver, WA electricians or a Portland, Oregon electrician can help you customize the lights to create a mood or accent areas or items in your home.
  • Light switch for outlets. If you love plant shelves, nothing helps accessorize them like an outlet for a lamp or light and a switch down low for easy access.
  • Adding a floor outlet in the family room for games is an option.
  • Some closets will benefit from having an outlet. You can use this for electric razors, printers, cordless vacuum charging stations, etc.
  • Outlets on a deck or a porch come in handy for BBQ’s


When you are ready to remodel or build call a qualified electrical contract. Amp Electric is happy to come to Beaverton homes, Vancouver, WA homes or anywhere in the Portland metropolitan area. Call today  or click here for more information about our family owned company.

Call Amp Electric Inc. at (503) 896-3171 or (360) 910-5806 to utilize any of these services. Job quotes are always free!

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Amp Electric recently came to my home to assist in my remodel of the kitchen. The work they did with all of my lighting was phenomenal. I look forward to hiring them again when I redo the entertainment room!