Electrical Power Needs a Knowledgeable Electrical Contractor

October 11, 2013

Electricity is more than just power. We have become a society that is almost non-functional if we don’t have our electricity. It powers our cellular phones, personal computers, microwaves, refrigerators, hot water, televisions, garage door openers, pencil sharpeners, electric razors and now we are plugging our cars into electrical chargers.

All of these examples show how important this power is for us to accomplish tasks each day.

As electrical contractors in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR we are glad to see that schools do teach something about electricity in their science classes. We all need a basic knowledge of electricity and its potential dangers.

Here are a few interesting facts about this power:

  • The 1st power plant was opened in 1882 in New York City and was owned by Thomas Edison.
  • Electricity travels at the speed of light (more than 300,000 kilometers per second!)
  • When an electric charge builds up on the surface of an object it creates static electricity.
  • If you had a light bulb on the moon connected to a switch in your bedroom, it would take only 1.26 seconds for that bulb to light up, 238,857 miles away.
  • If you traveled as fast as electricity, you could go around the world 8 times in the time it takes to turn on a light switch!*

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