Electricians Can Make the Holidays Safer, Call Amp Electricc

October 18, 2013
The holidays are the greatest, Do we have to have all three at once?

The holidays are the greatest, Do we have to have all three at once?

Even though we are a Portland, Oregon electrical contracting as well as a Vancouver, WA electrical contracting company who loves the holidays, we have to admit red and orange are NOT our favorite color combinations.

See we do electricity. We love the bright lights of the season, but really, we’re not especially fond of all those Halloween decorations that pop up in every store alongside the Christmas trees.

Couldn’t stores wait until at least the trick or treaters have hauled their pillowcases full of candy home, and then put out the Santa stockings? Pumpkins and nativity scenes are both nice, but they just distract from the cornucopia the grocery stores are using to advertize Thanksgiving turkeys.

So after our little rant of jamming too many holidays into one store, we want to suggest that you do start thinking seriously about those wonderful family days after the Jack-o-lanterns have been kicked to the curb.

In the past, holiday decorations consisted of some oversized ornaments in the front yard. Maybe some kid’s pilgrim hats in the dining room window. Now, added to the ornaments and the artistic endeavors of your children, there are all those decorations that must be plugged in.

This gorgeous display of holiday spirit can be dangerous if your electrical system is not up to par.

Before overloading your circuits, call a qualified Vancouver, WA electrician or a Portland, Oregon electrician to check out your system.  At Amp Electric our qualified technicians can give you a check-up and make your holidays safer.

Check out next week’s blog for specific electrical concerns you might want to address.

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