LED Lighting Options from a Portland, OR Electrician

October 25, 2013

Business owners and home owners around the Portland and Vancouver areas are always concerned about the investment necessary to convert to LED lighting. When an electrical contractor comes to install LED lighting fixtures. These new modern fixtures  do cost more than standard fluorescent or incandescent fixtures. This means that the up-front cost for this option can seem threatening. Before feeling the cost is too much, it’s always wise to see if you are in a situation that would allow for rebates to help offset that cost. The long-term financial benefits normally outweigh the initial cost. Consider the following factors:

  • LED’s generally do not suffer damage from vibrations so they are more break resistant.
  • LED’s provide directional lighting which requires less energy than traditional lighting.
  • In cold applications LED light output increases as temperatures drop making them a more efficient way to illuminate your refrigerated goods.
  • Traditional lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent uses more energy than LED’s.
  • The standard fluorescent light burns for 4,000 to 8,000 hours of operation while LED lights generally range from 30,000 to 50,000 hours.
  • Fluorescent bulbs produce a flat white or plain light while LED lighting offers many choices of different colors of light.
  • With their small size and directional lighting capabilities LED’s can be used in a variety of applications.

If you have any questions about the using LED lighting, contact Amp Electric. As a Beaverton, Oregon Electrical Contractor, they would love to help either your home or business make a change.

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Amp Electric recently came to my home to assist in my remodel of the kitchen. The work they did with all of my lighting was phenomenal. I look forward to hiring them again when I redo the entertainment room!