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December 6, 2013

If you haven’t purchased this year’s Christmas lights, then quite frankly you are late.

As a Vancouver, WA electrical contractor and electricians in Portland, Oregon we want to suggest that  if you haven’t purchased your lights, then you might want to consider choosing LED Christmas lights this holiday.

There are seven advantages for choosing LED Christmas lights.

Reason number one—LED Christmas lights use 90% less energy than the lights you are probably using. If for no other reason at all—LED lights are a great choice.

Reason number two—LED lights can last for years. After spending all the time and effort to string these lights in a perfect design, they aren’t going to go out leaving ugly dark holes in your decorations.

Reason number three—LED lights use light emitting diodes in order to produce their luminescence. Because of this it is not possible to burn out the filaments and there are no bulbs to replace. They are also made of plastic instead of glass. As a result they are less likely to break.

Reason number four—LED Christmas lights are easy to customize. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, forms and colors. They come in many shapes such as snowflakes, bushes, icicle strands and garlands to rope lighting and everything in between.

Reason number five—LED lights are really safe. Traditional incandescent Christmas lights can get very hot. LED’s run much cooler.

Amp Electric wants you to have a safe Christmas. Call them if you are concerned about any electrical problems in your home, office, or commercial building.

For any lighting or electrical project call a qualified electrical contract. Amp Electric is happy to come to Beaverton homes, Vancouver, WA homes or anywhere in the Portland metropolitan area. Call today or click here for more information about our family owned company.

Call Amp Electric Inc. at (503) 896-3171 or (360) 910-5806 to utilize any of these services. Job quotes are always free!

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Amp Electric recently came to my home to assist in my remodel of the kitchen. The work they did with all of my lighting was phenomenal. I look forward to hiring them again when I redo the entertainment room!