Technology Demands a Qualified Electrical Contractor from Portland

November 15, 2013
Your home and business needs safety as well as beauty. Amp Electric can provide both.

Your home and business needs safety as well as beauty. Amp Electric can provide both.

Today’s homes and office buildings are getting “smarter.” This means that they are becoming more incorporated with technology. And as every electrical contractor in Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, WA knows this technology requires wiring support.

You will want an electrical company that is experienced in the installation of wiring for an automation system to control the lighting, sound system, security system including cameras, HVAC system, curtains and blinds or appliances as well as home theater.

Amp Electric works out of Beaverton, Oregon and covers all the surrounding areas. Their certified  electricians keep up with all the new automations.

If you aren’t prepared to add all this new technology to your home, you don’t have that luxury in your business. Businesses require up-to-date phone systems, computer networks and other high-tech, interconnected systems. These all require electrical expertise to ensure that you will not have “down” time in your production.

Aesthetics is an important part of electrical installation. Your business will look more professional if your electrical contractor adds the finishing touches. You will feel more at home in your house if your electrician includes recessed and track lighting, ceiling fans and other such additions.

The electrician should also install all outlets including GFI outlets in rooms where there is water or moister. The whole system should be provided with surge protection.

Call Amp Electric Inc. at (503) 896-3171 or (360) 910-5806 to utilize any of these services. Job quotes are always free!

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Amp Electric recently came to my home to assist in my remodel of the kitchen. The work they did with all of my lighting was phenomenal. I look forward to hiring them again when I redo the entertainment room!